Angela and Me: A Bath Literary Friendship

Christoper Frayling Keynote


Leading cultural historian and broadcaster Sir Christopher Frayling is the keynote on Day 1 of the Fireworks Conference: The Visual Imagination of Angela Carter on 9 January 2017. Professor Frayling reflects on gothic themes in literature, art and popular culture, through the lens of his friendship and correspondence with Angela Carter during her formative ‘Bath years’, during which she wrote most of her key works; The Bloody Chamber, The Sadeian Woman, The Passion of New Eve.

The title of the keynote is “ANGELA and ME: A Bath Literary Friendship”. A longer version can be found in Christopher Frayling’s chapter in Strange Worlds: The Vision of Angela Carter, edited by Marie Mulvey-Roberts and Fiona Robinson. Here he talks about his friendship with Angela Carter, while they were both living in Bath.  This is a fascinating account of their shared interests from Murnau’s Nosferatu to Mozart’s The Magic Flute, their visit to the Tate to see the Henry Fuseli exhibition and how these impacted upon her writing, including the part played by Christopher, the author of Vampyres, in providing her with some of the inspiration behind the vampire story, “The Lady of the House of Love”.

See also his book Inside the Bloody Chamber

IMAGE: Courtesy of Christopher Frayling